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Air and Adjustable Beds

Style-matic Adjustable Massage Bed

A third of your life should be spent in bed, do it in Stylematic..

Air Touch

The World's most Advanced, Multi-zone, programmable air mattress

Memory Foam Sleep Systems

Body Rhythm

Features the most modern materials in comfort technology- Visco-elastic “Memory” Foam.

Memory Touch

Made with body conforming “Memory” foam for outstanding support and comfort.

Damani Collection

Damani Collection - Florencia

Top of the line sleep designer sleep system provides outstanding support, quality and comfort.

Damani Collection - Tuscana

Features Therapedic’s Medicoil 660 Prism spring system that guarantees the Ultimate sleep experience.

Damani Collection - Calabria

Guaranteed to provide the best rest of your life.

Award Series Line

Award Series - Premier Executive

REAL LUXURY - More than you will ever expect from a sleep product. Rest assured, this is the Ultimate Sleep System.

Award Series - Platinum Edition

Award winning luxury, patented world famous design and features make this sleep system a fascinating experience...

Award Series - Gold Edition

Quality bedding with Award Winning features and value. Providing Comfort and Support for a better nights sleep.

Award Series - Bronze Edition

Winner of the FURNITURE U.S.A. Design Award. Patented, exclusive product features guarantee your best nights' sleep.

Pillows and Accessories

Our Mattress Care Tips

“ Expect some sort of adjustment period. After all those years on the old bed, you may need some time to get used to the “feel” of the new set— like breaking in new shoes. It may take you a week or so— or, it could be as short as the time it takes you to fall asleep the first night.”

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