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Award Series - Gold Edition - Classic
Award Series - Gold Edition - Pillow Top


  • 336 Coil Count
  • Patented Triple Edge Spring Support System
  • Award winning Quality and Value
  • Exceptional Comfort and Support
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen & King


Quality bedding with Award Winning features and value. Providing Comfort and Support for a better nights sleep.

Support System

  • Exclusive Patented Triple Edge spring system incorporating 13 Gauge 336 spring system.
  • Heavy-Duty 6 Gauge Border Wire.
  • Insulator padding and spring netting fitted to spring to prevent filler materials protruding coils.
  • Optional Glider Frame Available


An exquisite yet versatile Poly cotton fabric protects the Dual-Comfortized upholstery system.


Therapedic's Ultra durable posture tone Boxspring was designed with 81 coil 91/2 gauge system. It works to provide the most comforting sleep support, while outlasting the competition in durability.

OR Wooden Base to provide firm support and durability.

Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes.


Our Mattress Care Tips

“ Expect some sort of adjustment period. After all those years on the old bed, you may need some time to get used to the “feel” of the new set— like breaking in new shoes. It may take you a week or so— or, it could be as short as the time it takes you to fall asleep the first night.”

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